[Midi Guitar 2] Performance PC vs iOS

I tested the PC version (VST) and the iOS version (iPhone 15).
The performance on PC is much better than on iOS. On iOS it’s not really possible to play fast notes, they don’t get recognized. Also the latency is significantly worse.
I use the same USB audio interface for both.

Is this expected or should the performance be comparable? Are there any parameters to set to improve performance on iOS?

In my experience they work similarly well.

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This is not usual… what kind of interface to you use?

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Thanks for your answers.

I use this interface: AUDIOLINK III - Miditech
Do you think it might be a hardware problem?
I’m pretty inexperienced with iOS. Are there kind of tests I can do to verify it’s a problem with the interface?

I tried several audiocards (babyface, sonic port, FM3) and all were working equally well with my ipad and iphone, so dont know where is the problem, maybe your card does not work properly with your IOS device?
Maybe if you can try another interface you will know if the problem is in the audiocard or maybe in the IOS version or device.