Midi Guitar 2 Standalone with Mobius Looper

If your audio interface has a “loopback” feature, you can configure 32 bit Mobius Looper to receive audio from MG2. I am now free of

using any DAW–just MG2 standalone with Mobius. As you can see I have MG2 loaded with plugins (Omnisphere, Diffuse Reverb, Re-Guitar, Helix Native) and it runs great. Thank you Jam Origin.


I have never been able to get Mobius to work properly on MacOS but I tried it as a plugin (via 32Lives). Standalone might be the way forward! Looping back the audio via your interface is a great idea – it might also be possible with the software ‘Loopback 2’ which I’ve used for some other audio applications. I’m gonna try this today!

EDIT: Just tested it and it works! I used Loopback 2 to link MG2’s Audio OUT to Mobius 2’s Audio IN.

Quick update to this. I spent some time with support from Sound Radix this weekend and now have full functionality of ‘32 Lives’ (enables using 32-bit plugins inside 64-bit apps). I’d had this app for a long time but could never get it to work due to a conflict with my system settings. Anyway, Mobius 2 can now run as a VST or AU plugin inside MG2 with no loopback action required. Handy.

Also, Mobius works great within the Reaper DAW as it has built-in vst bridging.

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