Midi guitar 2 to 3 upgrade

Hello. New to the forum here & long time explorer of MIDI guitar in general. Excuse me if this topic has been addressed. I have recently been trying out the trial version of MIDI guitar 2. I’m really blown away and am going to purchase the license. I see that MIDI guitar 3 looks like it will be dropping soon. My question is, If I buy a MIDI Guitar2 license now, will I be able to upgrade to MIDI Guitar 3 for free when it becomes available? Will there be an upgrade fee, or will I have to buy both versions for full price? Thank you in advance for your reply!

According to Jam Origin the one time purchase of the Midi Guitar PC/Mac version includes free lifetime upgrades . You can upgrade for free from MG2 to MG3 when it is available.

Oh great. Thank you so much!

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Is this really the case? I am also willing to buy it now. Where is this written in their website?
Thank you very much

I guess we should write it explicitly. The shop just says MIDI GUITAR & MIDI BASS license.

Everyone who bought it (back to 2012) are still receiving free upgrades and we’re thankful to everyone who supported the developments. I dont think it’s in our interest to ask the same people who made it possible to work so many years on MIDI GUITAR, to pay again for updates.

Disclaimer: This is only applies to the the PC/Mac plugin version, and there may be other Jam Origin products or extensions to buy in the future.


i’d be first in line to crowdfund a deep effexor/sustain standalone pedal. the gamechanger product showed there’s a market for the sustain side. add in the deep effexor and you have a pedalboard must have.


I often use MG plugin only for Deep Expressor even in configurations that don’t require MIDI conversion. :wink:

That is fantastic service for your customers! Thanks for confirming!
You just won one more supporter. I have tried the demo version of MIDI GTR2 and it blew me away.
I Will go for the full version now. Keep up with the great work!

Will the latest incarnations of MG still be compatible with Windows 7?