Midi Guitar 2 with steel guitar

I am a steel guitar player. Has anyone tried this software with lap steel guitar?
How is the slide (any sample would help)?

As long as you don’t slide, MIDI Guitar will make piano notes from your steel guitar playing correctly, but it will react chromatically to all pedalshifts and slides.
Only when you play exactly one note at a time, pitchbends can be generated.

Standard midi is no real friend of steel guitar, and since MIDI Guitar produces standard midi it is not a well working combination.
Steel guitar requires multi bends on the synth: under standard midi this means you have to assign different layers to different midi channels, each layer for 1 string at a time, because standard midi has its bend assigned to the channel, not the note itself.
There is a newer MIDI standard, that is starting to get a bit of traction: MPE. It automatically organises a channel per note, so that each note can be free to be bended and stuff. But most synths do not support it (yet). MIDI Guitar doesn’t support it yet either.

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Thanks Paul.
So what is the workable solution for slide guitar midi at present that you will suggest.

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