MIDI Guitar 2 won't go away after release of MG3, right?

I know MG3 is still beta, but for the music I make MG2 is way more stable with pitch information, so I just want to confirm that MG2 won’t be going away!

For those curious, I use an awesome bit of software called ‘alt-tuner’ and it works amazingly well with MG2. But with MG3, ‘alt-tuner’ tracks the midi pitch data as constantly fluctuating +/-5 cents and even up to +/-20 cents. Also the pitch-bend feature (both monophonic and poly) gets all screwy. My fingers are super crossed that this will get ironed out (MPE is probably really tricky to integrate) before/near official release… because a plugin doing something worse than it’s previous version isn’t usually how it’s supposed to work lol but it does happen.

MG2 won’t go away.

This is about the POLYPHONYIC-NO-BEND setting I suppose? In this, case,it will be fixed. Please use the POLYHPHONIC-EXPRESSIVE setting for now.

I think what you need is an “auto-tune” MIDI Machine to turn the midi into chromatic notes?

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Thank you for the reply!

As far as I can tell, none of the polyphonic settings changes my particular/niche issue.

An “auto-tune MIDI machine” is an interesting idea to potentially resolve this! Does something like that exist?

Ill add it in one of the next updates.

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