MIDI Guitar 2024 - My reasons for choosing software over hardware

In this video I am listing a few reasons why I am looking for a software-only solution to a MIDI Guitar setup in 2024

“Software-only” is loosely used here just to position myself in favor of a single computer/software combo setup (still allowing for some very physical hardware controllers, like an expression pedal or foot controllers)

Price, Portability, Assignment flexibility, simplicity of a single patch recall, and access to “the best sounds available”, are some of the arguments.

Any opinions and arguments for or against this position? What hardware isn’t even in theory replaceable by a software alternative?

I am NOT discussing tracking in this video, even though I realize that it probably is the most important motivating factor in choosing between different setups. Feel free to weigh in on that, if that is the case for you.


Excellent presentation (as usual :wink:) of MG3, which I’ll be sending to my guitar and bass friends. :call_me_hand:

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Forgive my lack of updated knowledge, but I’m really interested in MG3, but the last I checked (early March) it was only available in beta and for Mac. Is this still the case? I’m very interested in Windows & iOS. Where does the Beta stand as far as platform support? Thanks for any information.

Just type “MG3 Windows” in the search field and you will not have to wait for someone to reply :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s a good habit to get into if you want instant answers before asking questions if you do not have find an answer.
Don’t get me wrong, many people don’t think about this procedure (I was the first to do so).

Great video as usual, @LoFiLeiF ! Will you still use other MPE controllers, such as ROLI Seaboards or is MG3 now your go to for the foreseeable future? If you do end up using another MPE controller(s) what will they or it be likely?

I guess an angle I’d like to see tackled more of is what breath controller, expression pedals, blue tooth receivers, etc. are best with MG3 for different applications? If that makes any sense!

I know of the IMOXPLUS Photon Mouthpiece and CASIO Dimension Tripper (imagine if this was MIDI lol) in terms of innovative stuff on the horizon or eventual horizon that might end up really augmenting MG3. I wonder what else there is hardware wise?

Also, it would be neat to see what DAW ends up fitting best with MG3 as I know some DAWs are more tailored to MPE for example currently like Ableton and Bitwig. Having to switch from Reaper after years of learning it would be a pain but maybe worth it over time!

I would also be very interested in knowing the current optimal MPE soft synths for various bass guitars, telecaster electric guitar, various world and / or early stringed instruments to use with MG3! If they aren’t out there yet, surely they can’t be too far away!

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Hi Victor!
Fact is, I never used my Roli Seaboard that much to begin with. I am a lousy keyboard player and an even lousier Seaboard player (if that is even possible). I think a contributing factor was I purchased the Seabord quite early, and got a faulty unit. But it took me a while to realize this since the whole concept was brand new a t the time. I didn’t know what to expect. But just from buying that I think I got a lot of MPE synths along with it. Equator, Cypher, Strobe if I remember correctly. And just having those eased my way into using MPE to begin with. So once the opportunity appeared for MIDI Guitar to use MPE I was already familiar with the fundamentals (like the 5 dimensions of touch, and so on).

I am going to do a deep dive into the MODULATORS next, and there I 'll get a good opportunity to showcase a lot of uses for controllers together with MG3.

I have waited for the Photon for years, and I 'll probably buy it as soon as it comes out on the market, but I am superhappy with my TEControl BBc2 over WIDI Uhost bluetooth connection too.

I haven’t even touched Bitwig or Tracktion or anything else that Logic or Abelton in a long time now, not enough time I am afraid. But it will be interesting to see what people end up with going forward, I agree.

About MPE synths: i try to present a few new ones every time I make a video. In this, I believe I had Dawsome KULT, Phase Plants Expressive E bundle, and Atoms, that are new (but not a hundred percent MPE perhaps) .But those MPE emulations of already existing physical instruments are certainly few and far between. I would like to see a couple more as well.

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Yeah, that pathway really doesn’t give much information. Thus my inquiry. I understand this is a one man operations (which is a shame) and the solution from one member was to buy MG2 to the person that started the searched thread. That isn’t a great solution for me. I have other ways of getting my pitch to midi guitar fix and would rather wait for MG3 and start there. It appears the UI and features are way more advanced than MG2. I will make do in the meantime. Also, as I discussed with @LoFiLeiF on the YouTube comment section I have had some concerns previously just how committed the developer is to full support and far into the future. It’s not a lot of money for MG2, but I’m very careful with spending on software. Unfortunately and to my consternation the guitar synth market is very niche and difficult to navigate with proper discernment when it comes to cost vs interface vs usefulness, etc…

I’m feel reasonably confident that my fears are unfounded and one day a Window/iOS version will be available. I also am very impressed with what I have seen so far for the Mac beta.

I had I signed up to be a Windows beta tester, but never received any response. I was really hoping for a Windows version by now. That’s all.

According to the BETA Testing – Jam Origin page as of today, the beta is not out yet for Windows. Quoting from the page: Windows version

High priority. Some optimisations still needed, and testing VST3 plugin hosting on Windows and Windows DAWs.That information is just to the right of where it says DOWNLOADS and Windows…not yet we are working on it!

I hope that helps! I would probably bookmark that page if I were you, and just check it from time to time!

@Bolt @AudioAtmos

And more precisely, written in the first post found by typing MG3 Windows in the search field:

" The first BETA version is experimental and for Mac only, but in the coming months updates will follow with improvements, features and documentation, so you may want to wait upgrading until BETA testing is over"

Given that it will take a few months to get MG3 for Windows, you could start working on MG2 right away for several reasons:

  • MG2 is very simple and easy to get to grips with the Audio to MIDI conversion specific to this software.

  • The most important thing to learn and practise for a long time is the specific technique of playing the guitar in MG, particularly to master tracking which requires a lot of adaptation.

This will save you time from being put off when you move on to MG3 and have to deal with learning a very feature-laden software plus disappointing and frustrating results if you don’t master tracking properly at that time. As an example, it took me about a year of playing a little every day to get a more or less satisfactory result.

  • You don’t have to buy Midi Guitar now to practise, you can work with the only constraint of clicking from time to time to continue using the trial version.
    But it is of course more practical to buy it now, as updates are free for life.

Like us, you will receive a reply in due course.

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