MIDI GUITAR 3.0.47 update

What’s new:

  • TRACKING: Buffer size 128 supported, both when running in DAWs and standalone .
    (setting it to 128 causes high CPU load for now, until we support Apple’s “Audio Workgroups”).

  • UI: Default UI toned down a bit and is less flashy.

  • UI: New FLAT-UI redesign can be selected.

  • FIX: Escape key will always close an overlay.

  • FIX: Remove cables from the RETUNING and MODULATIONS modules.

  • FIX: Various minor fixes.


Yea, so good to see another update! I like the new flat interface, even if the colors on my screen are a bit “dull” (not black, not white), might be my monitor I’m not sure but the letters are grey and too close of the background which is almost black, but no, it’s a darker kind of grey :slight_smile: This also makes it difficult to see the adjustments of the controls, flat mode is still a big advance for the experience, this might be something! Also the cancel (escape key) function is good though the knobs are still HUGE which we might think will get more balanced soon? Also (in my system) some font parts are now very grainy in the both the non-flat & the flat mode – and the settings options for the graphics are not all clear what has been chosen (2 lines of “FLAT/DEFAULT” options in 2 different green boxes) and on other places. And the last but not least – Buffer 128! Which doesn’t matter much here as I run the standalone app and route it to logic which Buffer is set to 32, so no difference in this case compared to 3.0.46 – looking forward for 3.0.48 soon, thanks and well done JamO :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using Midi Guitar for years and just totally love it! I’m really wanting to try v3 with my main live Ableton project, which is super complex. In fact it’s so complex I can only run it at a buffer size of 512 on my M1 Max. I know such latency may not be acceptable to many, but I’m used to it :sweat_smile: Any plans to add a 512 option? Thanks so much again.

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Wow, I guess you have learned to play the notes before they normally (in an analog environment) are heard and if so I guess your music can be demanding, interesting and quite complex :slight_smile:

is your issue related to the number of synth instances?

in live i have addressed this by using the chain selector to turn off inactive vst’s.

just a suggestion while you’re waiting for 512.

I report a glitch on the GUI. Especially when Flat UI is chosen, the ‘cord’ between the CC (lower left) and the mapped control tends to disappear.
To reproduce : Use MG3 Standalone,Switch to Flat GUI, Restart. Maximize Screen. Choose CC2 or whatever in the lower left section of the GUI and map to whatever control you need to control.
The CC2 (or whatever button) disappears from the GUI leaving only a space in background color.
The ‘Cord’ is still there but instead of being hooked to the CC button it’s attached to nothing. (everything works fine though). The CC Button disappears only when a cord is attached to it.

Hope this helps

EDIT : Apple Mac Studio “M1 Max” 10 CPU/24 GPU - macOS Ventura latest patch.

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