MIDI Guitar 3.0.48 experimental released!

This update is quite substantial. There are some big changes internally that makes it possible to run multi-threaded (i.e. utilising more than one CPU core for audio analysing and audio processing). Multi-threading by itself, cause more headroom for processing at lower buffer sizes, less heat, higher battery efficiency, but also a small increase in latency. However, for most systems, that latency is more than accounted for by choosing a smaller buffer size, which reduce latency. 128 is recommended, but you can probably go to 64 on Apple Silicon Macs.

There is also a new LEGATO module, which seems to be surprisingly effective in MPE synths, following the discussion over here.

We discovered that the MIDI 1.0 legacy setting has unfortunately been broken all along, and that should be mostly addressed now.

This update is marked experimental and more updates will follow in the coming days, and you may want to wait a bit to update.

Download link.

What’s New:

  • NEW: Multithreading lowers CPU usage and makes smaller buffer sizes possible

  • NEW: Any buffer size is now supported, including varying buffer sizes

  • NEW: LEGATO module.

  • NEW: Added TUNINGS category to the plugin selectors

  • FIX: MIDI 1.0/Legacy output fix

  • FIX: Improved error messages when run in Logic

  • FIX: Looper automatically pending recording until you play

  • FIX: Issue with some modulators in external synth modules

  • FIX: MUX envelope saving

  • UI: Various UI polishing

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Thanks for this! Working well so far. Only issue I’ve found is that repeated notes cut off (as the extended Note Off event for the 1st of the repeats cuts off the note for the 2nd repeat). Maybe some logic that says “If new note played = previous note played, then no “note off” created for first note played”? Or maybe I’m missing something…

Thank you for feedback. Ah yes. I think I understand what you mean. This is only when LEGATO is used, right?

Correct. Legato only.

Thinking about it, it seems this problem would occur if any note is played a second time within the extension time window. Example: If I set note extension to 100ms, and were to play notes C > D > C within a 100ms window, the note off for the first C would cut off the second C. So, I think it’s not only an issue for sequentially repeated notes.

Thanks. Exactly. Its a blunder on my side. Ill fix this tomorrow.

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I can’t believe how fast this was implemented, thank you!

I have only been able to check it out for a few minutes here before I leave on a trip for a week, but this is pretty much exactly what I was wanting. Being able to have legato mode on and still be able to do pitch vibrato is awesome. There is a little glitching, but I’m not sure if it is just my playing that is causing the issue. I will continue to put this through it paces once I return. Thanks again!


Perhaps this is a silly question…but what happened to the instrument mods? I could have sworn they were there last version – and now they’re gone. I even thought I saw a LofiLeif video about them and that seems to be gone too. Did I dream this whole mods thing?!?

Sorry. I think they weren’t really ready yet, so it was withdrawn for now.

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I have found a little problem with midi guitar 3: when I play 2 notes and the upper note is a hammer on to a semi above, the algorithm won’t track the second note to allow for the hammer on. When I change algorithm to midi 1.0 it does work. Is this something that will get fixed in the release? Makes it very tricky to play right now. Other than that I think the tracking is awesome. But I’m hesitant to buy if this is the way it will work. Oh! I believe it does track better when the test synth is active. But not in Toontracks pianos or some Kontakt pianos.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I tried with at least 2 guitars.

No worries. I thought I was losing the plot! :smile:

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I guess what you experience is that it bends into that note, rather than trigger it. With MPE instruments (and the TEST SYNTH) you get the pitch, pressure and brightness change and a legato transition, but obviously if you play a piano you want the trigger. For this there is the CHROMATIC module.

Ah! God damn! That worked just fine. Thanks a bunch man! :sweat_smile:

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And want to thank lolifeLeif for his wonderful videos, I feel super inspired…thanks a bunch man!

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