Midi Guitar 3 3.0.46 Unable to load OB-XD

OB-XD version 3.4 Au/VSt2/Vst3 - all works fine in Ableton Live 12 and as standalone. It shows as an instrument in Midi Guitar 3 but unable to load once selected.

Just downloaded and tried. Works fine here on OSX 13.4

I’ve tried reinstalling OB-Xd, checking for duplicate versions, etc. Still not loading but I’m on Sonoma 14.4.1. I will see if this resolves in future versions. Working great as a plug-in in Ableton by the way.

Just tried reinstalling OB-Xd again and it now works. I have a paid version and it’s possible the license info was missing for MG3. I tried using in Ableton and was prompted to enter license, it then started working in MG3. I think this was my error.