MIDI Guitar 3, and the quest for infinite sustain

Apart from tracking, sustain is one of the most talked about features when it comes to MIDI guitar. Bad sustain can ruin any sense of connection to the virtual instrument via the controller, even if tracking is considered okay. If you get the feeling that your controller is cut off prematurely, you are not in control of the output anymore and that just creates frustration and becomes a problem to solve. My attempt at solving this has gone over eBow, Sustaininac, Plus Pedal, and Moog Guitar, without reaching any acceptable solution. That has been the plague of trying to fix this physically. Enter the new MIDI Guitar 3 software solution:; with its concept of “Infinite Sustain” together with MPE I have no doubt a new era of creativity can be born for guitar players, playing their own favorite guitar with no thoughts even having to go into the translation process anymore. Playing a synth is as easy as opening up any virtual amp, and will demand a bare minimum in terms of adjusting your playing style. The big limitations today are mostly with the virtual instruments not being developed to work for other types of controllers than keyboards, but hopefully, this is just a transition phase. I am so looking forward to hearing about your experiences, in a not-too-distant future.


this is such a beautiful thing!!!

thank you!!!

i have been downloading freeze/sustain vsts for a couple of weeks now, i have a half dozen, maybe more. none of them are even remotely close to what is now possible in mg3.

before the latest round of experiments i purchased the acoustic sustain-man, iirc that was more than $300.

for this feature alone i’d gladly pay $150.

this software is clearly such a magnificent labor of love that i can only stand back humbly and say thank you, thank you, thank you.