MIDI Guitar 3 - Introducing the Retuning module (video)

Introducing the Retuning module


great video as usual! sliding with retuning to the song’s scale might end up being something i use quite a lot, do you envision you will be using entonal studio at all still @LoFiLeiF ? thanks!

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Thanks Victor! Yes, I will probably use all of my micro tuning/real-time pitch bending options alongside this too. The accessibility of the handles for the separate pitches in the MG3 retuner is something else though. I can send separate continuous modulation instructions for each note here, making up completely new contexts in a way I can’t with either Entonal Studio, Infinitone, OddSound or Wilsonic. But all of those are still useful for their peculiarities. I will have to a video down the line comparing them, but if you haven’t tried Wilsonic yet, it is free, and comes with a great new tuning Morph function.

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