MIDI GUITAR 3 on an old 2012 MacBook

Hello, I’d love to know if I’m going to be able to use the midi guitar 3 software with mi macbook pro mid 2012, It didn’t work when i tried it, but hope is the last thing to lose. I’d love to hear a direct answer to this.

I certainly can’t promise it… Which MacOSX does a 2012 MBP run?

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It is running on High Sierra, the best I can do is upgrade it to Catalina but I have to buy an ssd, I’ve tried it before with the current hard drive and it is the slowest thing on earth.

Try Opencore Legacy Patcher if you wanna get your old mac on a newer OS. I run it on my wife’s 2011 MacBook Pro and my 2015 MacBook Pro Retina (both Sonoma 14.3.1). You can even dual boot OSes if you don’t wanna get destructive.


I’m going to try this rn

Good luck! It can be a bit tricky to get up and running but once it’s all happening it’s very reliable. I wouldn’t suggest going up to Sonoma if you use any Native Instruments software. Ventura was 100% stable for everything. But on Sonoma for some reason Kontakt 7 and Guitar Rig 6/7 will not render their GUIs correctly. Other than that everything I’ve thrown at it works fine.

My friend, it worked flawlessly, I’m in tears of joy and gratitude, this software works incredibly well, I can’t stop playing, I’ll be forever grateful for your help, I can’t even type man, thank you in a eternity of lifetimes! :sob::notes:


Excellent Your Mac will live on for a few more years and you’ll have access to modern macOS features!…and MG3!!!


I use this to run Sonoma on my 2013 MBP 15”, which tops out at Big Sur
It is highly recommended!!