MIDI Guitar 3 - Setting up Kontakt MULTIS to work with MPE

If you are interested in setting up your Kontakt instruments to work with the MIDI Guitar 3 MPE polyphonic bends and CC74.


with certain instruments, altering the ‘strike’ will deliver different articulations.

however, let’s say i wanted to use strike to trigger instrument1 at low levels and instrument2 at higher ones, plus a blend in between.

i’m figuring this type of setup isn’t going to be feasible using mg3 only.

can someone confirm that?

also, a q for the beta testers, is there a ‘zone’ feature? ie: below the 7th fret send on channel1, above, channel2? i haven’t seen anything on this but i am hopeful?

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Strike; Press,CC74 coming in from MG3 are all polyphonic.

MIDI Guitar 3 MPE distributes their respective values on MIDI channels 2-7 by a successive principle using Ch2 first, and Ch3 for any first simultaneously played note. Ch4 for any three note chord and so on. And if you want to alter the way your first instrument (ch2) or second instrument (Ch3) is reacting to strike, there is usually a velocity curve in the actual instrument or Kontakt instance you can go in and set. This way you can create a very specific dynamic profile for the instruments in any MULTI.

The same is true for how these react to aftertouch, but more often those settings are “under the hood”, and aren’t accessible if we are talking about a factory “locked instrument”.

Altering STRIKE itself in MG3, either by just turning knobs or using the Modulator (handles) will affect the overall look of the Strike envelope, and thus have an effect on all Strike passed on to the instrument. For any specificity concerning how the instrument should interpret this, I would go do my settings there.


thank you very much for the explanation.

and, by the way, the nylon and the steel string guitars sound incredible. this is the first time i feel i can say that the boss/roland guitar modeling side of things has been surpassed.

the level of control you now have over guitar vst’s far exceeds any other option. the playability of these instruments is astonishing.

the top three nylons, top five steel strings, a host of other stringed instruments, all available on your pc, no need to drop $5k each and build a humidor to keep all of them healthy. the future is now.