Midi Guitar 3 still not working... not fining inputs BUT Midi Cello does?

So MG3 is still not finding inputs on MOTU 1248 as a stand alone it’s just dead - virtual keyboard works fine. (Mac M1 Ultra Sonoma 14.41)

MG2 works fine AND MG3 in LOGIC works ok BUT some NI Instruments are seriously distorted (eg Alicias Keys)

HOWEVER I just downloaded Mdi Celloand it connected to MOTU with same settings the second it fired up??? So it must be a bug in the software rather than my setup I guess…Any thoughts?


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Thank you for this report.
I’ll investigate this and get it resolved.

I have just been looking at this and comparing the two, and nothing spring to my eyes.

Since you have used the earlier MG3 betas, maybe the file that keeps your MG3 audio device settings is in a bad state. I’d suggest try to delete the file:
“~/Library/Group Containers/X6D2Q4W5A8.midiguitargroup/MIDI Guitar 3.settings” and try again.
(you can also find this file by MG3 => Preferences => Data folder)

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Thanks but I have just spent 45 mins trying to find anything that looks like this on my Mac and there’s nothing at all similar? how can I access it if I can’t find it? are you sure it exists on mac?

  1. Click the Settings cogwheel in the MG3 top left corner
  2. Click DATA FOLDER
    and you end up in the GROUP CONTAINERS folder, where you find your file in the X6D2Q4W5A8.midiguitargroup folder:

(This is on a Mac)

Thanks for this… very clear… sadly it doesn’t work… still the same problem. MG2 and Midi Cello are both still fine?

Out of interest… am I alone with this problem or is it a known issue?


Thanks for trying… It must be a problem on our side then, and seems like something I should easily be able to spot, when MIDI Cello actually works.

If I understand your first post correctly, you did actually get sound out of MG3, using the virtual keyboard, but you get no input from the guitar. Is that correct?

Thank you… yes that’s correct, virtual keyboard produces sound.

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Hi there… did you get any further with this issue? Stand alone still will not connect in Midi 3 although Midi Cello and Midi 2 still do and Midi 3 kind of works in Logic though many instruments are extremely distorted (especially Native Instruments)?


Ok, I’m still puzzled by this. Lets start focus on the standalone problem first.

Did you run the most recent MG3.0.47?
In this version I made it log more information about opening the audio interface channels.

In the 3.0.47 standalone app, please go to the SETTINGS => DATA FOLDER and please send me the file “MIDI Guitar Log Standalone.txt” (you can send via a private message to me, or just attach the file in this thread)