Midi Guitar and Catalina

Just wondered if there is a newer file for Catalina and where that could be found? When searching before there is a mention of a user area that may contain this, but not seeing where to log in…

My standalone Midi Guitar works fine . but anytime I try to run from within a DAW - tried both Cubase and S,1 the security settings do not like it as it is from “an unrecognised developer”.
The usual override and tell Catalina to open anyway does not seem to work as it does for other applications either.

Thanks in advance anyone!

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We have a version that is fixed for Catalina and upward: see your inbox here.
You can download the app from this temp link: http://guitarkick.com/user/pffsiwjftdhg/app/
The Catalina >=10.15 version will most likely NOT work on older macOS.

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Many thanks Paul - that got me up and running again!

In case any one else encounters this - I had to remove the Midi Guitar VST completely, restart again and then re install.

Back to making interesting sounds and thank you again for the quick reply!

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