Midi Guitar and Midi Bass can't see Tascam 2x2 interface anymore

Midi Guitar and Midi Bass can’t see Tascam 2x2 interface anymore.
The interface seems to work but MG can’t use it.
It does see the 2x2 interface name but MG shows a Yellow triangle in the interface box.
I can’t set any sample rate.

Any ideas on what went wrong?

I didn’t install anything new since the last time it worked.

in MG interface section, open the ASIO setup with the DRIVER button, and select the proper in and output channels and samplerate. Some drivers only allow the samplerate and buffersize to be set there. So set it to buffer=256 and samplerate=44100 there too.

I called Tascam and they advised to download thier latest driver. I did and finally got MG to reckognize the Tascam again.
Possible a Win OS update upset things and since I didn’t uninstall the older Tascam drivers before re-installing them when I installed the new driver it actually replaced the driver and worked.
I’m not sure of the cause of the problem.
Another thing I noticed is after selecting the tascam in MG and setting everything properly it wouldn’t get any input signal until I closed MG and reopened MG.
So everything is working fine again.

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