Midi Guitar/Bass usable in live host software, i.e. Camelot Pro, GigPerformer, etc.?

Full disclosure… I am a keyboard player. Anybody have experience with Midi Guitar or Bass in Camelot Pro, GigPerformer, or other live VST host software. Looking to route my bass players signal (converted to midi, of course) through one of my synth VST’s via Camelot Pro to use on specific songs in a live set.

Hello Bob, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

Using Midi Guitar in Gig Performer, I simply send the input of the guitar or bass connected to my audio interface to Midi Guiter and route the midi output of Midi Guitar to the synth.
No settings are required in MG for this connection.
I suppose the process should be similar in Camelot.


Hi Bob!
I have done a few things with MIDI Guitar 2 and Camelot, and although it feels like I have to relearn everything every time I go back to work with those again, I think that is a me-problem rather than a Camelot problem. They definitely work together but one must keep in mind that there are several different ways to set up MG2 inside (and outside) Camelot. I have a few suggestions here:

and a few more here:

I’m working live with Cantabile. Same deal: just route your instrument signal to the plugin. Super easy and works great.

I’ve used MG2 live with Mainstage a number of times, very successfully and very happily. I use AUs, but have been able to play B3, Farfisa, choir SWAM trumpet, and Serum, amongst others. Nice feature - i can route the raw signal AND the midi signal through different instruments simultaneously. Handles chords well. Occasional I need a sustain/sustenado pedal as the signal level can drop too far, but there are software ways around that. Would think your bass player could do the same. I LOVE MG2

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