MIDI Guitar Extended

Ok, so you got your MIDI Guitar rig up and running. What can you do with it? I certainly can’t list all of its applications here, but the obvious ones to me are playing virtual instruments, and facilitate the recording process. I have here 8 different setups that all fall into the category of MG Extended, in that they are not merely simple setups with guitar demoing a one (single) instrument. And then there is an extra added bonus clip at the end with a setup that is fully applicable to the MIDI Guitar concept (but here actually recorded on a keyboard.


Awe-inspiring, Leif!
Your inspiration and visionary mindset just never ceases to amaze.
Thank you so much for all the videos over the years!

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Well, Thank YOU! :pray::pray::pray:If it weren’t for your fantastic work with this software, I wouldn’t be doing any of this stuff! I am really exited about what any future MPE application will look like, and also what doors the MIDI 2.0 protocol might open? :door: :face_with_monocle:

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Here is a continuation of the first experiment from the above video where I combine three instruments in one instance of Kontakt. Two of them are more played with the breath controller than with the MIDI Guitar per se. The interesting stuff lies in the way the developers of these respective instruments let me control the resulting output, and to what degree I’m put more in a place of reacting to what I hear than to play any preconceived ideas I might have. Most rewarding for the improvising composer.
Swarminet, a totally new library, made by Paul Koch, is free and you too can have it today. It is really the most beautiful instrument: two clarinet swarms that swell and bend according to your wishes and likes. I control the swarm ( set to swarm range 4 - the more the merrier, but I settled for some sort of control ) with CC2 from my breath controller. It is the only CC I use here. The others are disabled for now. I also used the same CC2 feed to control the Clarinet multiphonics instrument (from Inoui Samples) I’ve used in previous clips. These two together provided such a rich instrument in terms of possible expressions, I played a little ten-minute improvisation, which I then condensed to this more bite-sized piece. Also here is the Baritone sax Key noise sounds, also from Inoui samples (Stac & Slap Sax, The Baritone) for texture.

Again, this is a single instance of Kontakt and all is played and controlled in real time. No post-production, except for the video editing of course. I use MIDI Guitar 2.2.1 with a TEControl breath controller through Abelton Live 11 here, but I could have skipped the DAW too if it weren’t for the reverb.