MIDI Guitar in Mainstage - Problems with different MIDI in/out

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me and tell me why whenever I add a new and different software instrument channel, the midi port is deconfigured and new ports appear, with different numbers? I’m using Jam Origin’s MIDI guitar to play bass and synthesizers on the guitar, but every time I create a new track or patch, I unconfigure the MIDI guitar output. What I wanted is for it to always remain fixed! I dont want to paste some tracks as an alias because i always change something, like eq, effect, volume, etc.

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I did a quickstart years ago, and allthough I tried hard, I couldnt find a way.
The only thig that worked easy was to choose between
a) have only 1 global MG instance
b) only have differentt MG instances on the lowest level.
That way there is only 1 MG active, and the # dont matter.
The last I checked, adding an MG instance created an “automatic keyboard instance”, so that way the whole thing automatically worked, but only if you follow the a) or b) mentioned before…
I documented that in this vid, where I show how to add MG on the lowest level. which isthe easiest to manage

Thanks for the help!
I watched the video and followed the steps, however, whenever I add a new preset, even though it is duplicated, the system creates a new midi out # and one of the two stops working. I did this in an existing concert, tomorrow I’ll try to create one from scratch and see what happens!

yes, there wil be multiple ports but only one wil be active and linked in the auto keyboard object…