MIDI Guitar into Guitar Pro 7.5 setup

I’m trying to configure MIDI Guitar to output to Guitar Pro 7.5 for creating TABs.

I’ve got a Focusrite 2I2 input to MIDI Guitar, and loadMIDI setup as a port for output. Then, I’ve selected device loadMIDI within GP7.5 and ‘MIDI Capture’ but I can’t get GP to record.

I noticed loadMIDI only defines port 0; can’t setup multiple channels for each guitar string? Is there a way to configure the output of MIDI Guitar to input MIDI to GP?


MIDI Guitar can not be used for creating tabs out of the box. Since MIDI Guitar does not recognise which string is played, it can also not assign midi channels to it.
If you set the record option to “keyboard” in guitarpro, it wil correctly record all notes because it will listen to 1 channel, but the notes will be placed on the fretboard in a “lowest position possible” kind of fingering, not the real tabs.