Midi guitar ios

I was wondering whether Midiguitar for ios works on bass as well.
I just want a midi out that is working well.

it will work, but you can not get the lowest notes, C’ ( 3rd fret on your A string ) is the lowest in mono mode, D the lowest in polyphonic mode.
If you add a low latency pitchshifter, you can mimick a guitar with your bass and have full range, you can use PD Space Guitar for that.
Did a quick test, it is not too bad. You need to use a host like AUM to load the shifter in front of MG2.5

(disclaimer: I’m the dev of PD Space Guitar, you ofcourse can try other pitchshifters)

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Thanks for your answer. That is a pitty. I play bass and want to play my synths. I suppose I could play an octave up and pitch the midi data down. Mhmm not ideal.

watch the vid, you didn’t get the message: it works.
the pitchshifter (in this case Space gutiar) pitches up 1 octave, so that it sounds like a guitar. MG2.5 then converts this to midi, to any octave you want.
So in the vid I do some polyphonic stuff, including the open low E string, which is not visible due to awkward camera position.
I’ll do a better setup guide soon, this was just a quick test.