Midi Guitar iPadOS 14.2 Unable to purchase plug-in and hosting IAP


I want to use Midi Guitar as an auv3 in AUM, but I’m unable to purchase the plug-in and hosting IAP.

When I press the green purchase button in standalone or Auv3 nothing happens. I have tried to delete Midi Guitar and reinstall and restart my iPad, but still no luck 🥲

Do you have any suggestions to help me purchase this IAP?

/ White

Thanks for reporting!
In the TestFlight version or the official App Store version?
Also, did you buy the MIDI Output first?


It’s the official version.

No I didn’t buy the Midi Output IAP.

/ White

So you need to buy the MIDI Output before hosting. In total its 30 USD.
I’ll make sure to add a note so that this is more clear.

Ok, I thought I only needed the plug-ins and hosting IAP, because I only want to use it in AUM.

/ White

Yes, I understand and we need to be more clear about this.

Its safe to say that Apple is currently going to change the audio industry: iOS and Mac are about to converge with all this beautiful, fast, cool and quiet new Apple hardware.
MIDI Guitar for Mac is priced at USD100, and as DAWs and music production (all music apps, not just MG) becomes very similar across Mac and iOS, we developers audio industry have to find some way to make ends meet.

With these new changes, the iOS MG plugin, is priced at less than a third of the Mac version. We might have to raise the price further (for future customers), but for now I hope 30 USD will do.

Thanks for the reply,I think Midi Guitar is well worth the price :blush::+1:

/ White