Midi Guitar on Windows 10 - output MIDI channel always 0

I’m using a PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL for Audio input and MIDI output. Despite setting up an Output Channel in MIDi Interface, the output is always on Channel 0.

MG2 sends all messages on channel 1. There is no such thing as channel 0 when sending midi. When receiving midi some use channel 0 as “Omni” - ie. receive midi on any channel 1…16. But this is about the receiver, not MG

Upcoming updates will send each note on a separate channel.

Hi, thanks for your reply. What I asserted earlier is correct. The MIDI messages being emitted from the Presonus MIDI output all have the channel LS byte set to 0 - zero. MIDI channels from 1 -.16 are sent as 0-15. So, that in effect, channel 1 is being sent. I understand all of that. So if MG2 only ever sends on Channel ‘1’, why, and what is the point of having a channel selector that does nothing but serve to confuse?