MIDI GUITAR Plays a Virtual Instrument Loaded in DAW but not loaded as the instrument in MIDI GUITAR

I have just purchased MIDI GUITAR and am just starting to experiment. I am using FLStudio 21. I have a MIDI GUITAR track loaded with the MDE Piano instrument. I have another separate track for my Omnisphere VST. I am finding that it is possible for MIDI GUITAR to drive Omnisphere without actually loading Omnisphere as the MIDI GUITAR instrument.

Unfortuntely I am not yet able to make it happen consistently so I do not yet have step by step instructions. But it involved playing with the MIDI INPUT parameters in each FLSTudio track.

Being able to play a VST without actually loading it as the instrument for MIDI GUITAR would be extremely helpful for me. I have a Gigfile player G-SOLO and MIDI GUITAR will not load the VST. As soon as I can come up with a repeatable process for FL STUDIO 21 to play the VST without loading it as the instrument in MIDI GUITAR, I will share step by step instructions. Right now I can ony make it work half the time and I am not sure why.

I have confirmed that in FL STUDIO 21 you can control a VST not loaded directly into MIDI GUITAR.

  1. In FLSTUDIO, add MDI GUITAR as an effect on the input track you are using
  2. Change the MIDI settings to specify an input port of 0
  3. Load the VST that you want to play into a separate channel of FLSTUDIO
  4. Set the MIDI input port to 1
  5. Be sure that no instrument is loaded in MIDI GUITAR

On my system following those 5 steps allows me to not have to load an instrument to MIDI GUITAR. I can use virtually all of my instruments and my G PLAYER gig file player which sometimes caused MIDI GUITAR to crash. I do not know if this is possible with other DAW’s. FLSTUDIO signal routing is not like software that more closely models analog consoles with BUSSES and INSERTS such as Studio one. But maybe the secret is to just tweak the MIDI parmaters. ???

I basically never load instruments into MG or MB. I use it combined with Cantabile and always send the MIDI out to an instrument elsewhere in the chain.