Midi Guitar stopped working on MacBook pro [solved]

After installing the latest version, Midi Guitar stopped working on my 13" Macbook pro. I deleted and re-installed the app without success.
Installed the app on my 15" MacBook pro and it works perfectly there!!! So I’ve tried these steps on both devices, but 13" still doesn’t work.

I select input as internal microphone, but there is no input signal detected.
Changing the output to Midi doesn’t seem to work either as there’s no notification stating the midi device number change.

Any ideas what I can try to get Midi Guitar to work again?

Most likely fix:
You need to give microphone access to our app, that is new in Mojave. For apple, any audiointerface also is a microphone.
When first started macos asks whether or app should get microphone access.
Afterward you can set the access with
apple’s system preferences/security & privacy/ tab: privacy
Choose “Microphone” from left column, make sure our app is checked in right column.

Thanks Paul, that was the problem with the microphone/input. Any idea how to get the virtual midi to work?

Never mind. Everything seems to work now. Thank you very much for your help.

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