Midi Guitar with external VST host hardware? (Muse Receptor, etc..)

Has anyone tried loading Midi Guitar into an external VST host device instead of using a computer and interface? I’ve never tried any of these devices so i don’t know how they compare to a computer and interface, but I’d imagine it’s only a matter of time before better ones start showing up on the market. Seems like Muse Research has made some products that would be powerful and stable enough at least.

I’ve been really enjoying playing around with Midi Guitar since I got it. I’m using it with pedal steel, splitting my signal before my pedalboard, into a UA Arrow interface, and driving a separate amplifier with a reamp box. I can’t yet see myself setting up my macbook pro and interface on stage, but if I could do it all with a Musebox, or even one of the larger 2 rack space Receptors, I would probably get one.

We know about those VST hardware hosts, but have no reliable info about whether or not those do work with MG: they are a rare breed and we can not download a copy to see if it works, like we do with software hosts…
They moslty run a flavour or linux with some “wine” installed: a windows compatibility layer.
I’ll try contact Muse research, and offer them a testing license: with a bit of luck we’ll get that info.
EDIT: Muse Research doesn’t make hardware anymore.

To me it seems that in between ipads and powerfull laptops, there is no marketing space for dedicated VST hardware hosts.
smpro audio VMachine: not longer sold

The host that is still listed is the VPED, but users have reported that ony MG v1 runs on ot, and not MG2… The price is steep

Thanks for looking into that, Paul. Seems to me that pedals like the H9 or Line 6 HX stomp is already so close to what I’m talking about. If they can fit 64 gb of ram into a 13’ laptop base, I would hope someone would eventually make something pedal sized that can run a few plugins at once.

H9 or HX stomp will never run VST’s: that would be bad marketing… they will only run the companies addons.

Admittedly, I don’t gig. If at all, I may play with a few friends at a get together. If that’s the case, we plug into an interface and make use of a laptop. I can understand that dedicated hardware may have advantages. What would those be, though? I see DJs and keyboardists and other musicians using laptops to produce music in live settings. A laptop’s flexibility seems so definite that the drawbacks seem acceptable, no?

Hardware companies are having a hard time. Modern multi FX boards are expensive, outdated hardware with a small fraction of the computational power and versatility of an iPad with a MIDI controller :wink: and music apps are really good by now and almost free. The recent iPad chips are as fast as Macbooks and have superior battery life. That said, iPads still need some kind of high-quality-rugged-floor-controller-case that we can slide it into.
Btw, rumors are that Apple will soon release a new iPod with a blazing fast processor for 200 bucks.

And you can use it for emails or present to your kids or mom once its retired.