MIDI Guitar2 standalone app with Steinberg UR44 interface

I tried to launch MIDI Guitar 2 standalone app today. The app shows a message that the Generic Low Latency driver doesn’t allow audio recording and to configure that option. When I run the Generic ASIO driver setup, I see several output ports but no input ports, which I’m assuming is the problem. I see no way to add an input port, perhaps due to the Steinberg/Yamaha ASIO driver also being loaded.

Is there a way to configure the MIDI Guitar 2 standalone app to use a different ASIO device?

I have a Steinberg UR44 interface and use Cubase Pro 11. By the way, the VST plugin works fine in Cubase. I wanted to use the standalone app so I don’t have to launch Cubase every time I just want to play around with MIDI Guitar 2.


@slohcine Hello, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Steinberg’s Asio driver for UR44 is the most efficient to use.
If you have installed it correctly (and updated it), it should appear in a list by clicking in the device window of the MG2 audio interface panel.

In my case, for my UR22, Steinberg is displayed and I select it.

For standard, trouble-free use, in the MG2 Interface window, click on Driver and set the buffer size to 128 or 256.