Midi Guitar2 to EZbass?

anyone tested Midi Guitar2 to EZbass?

Sure! Works just as well as you would expect. Any questions about it in particular?

Not sure if MidiBass2 would need to be used or if MG2 will work.
I know some users are using both to extend the tracking of extended range guitars. Int his case I’m just using a nylon string and open mic.

Hey. MIDI Guitar is for guitar, and it also track saxophone or clarinet to some extent, or any instrument with a similar pitch range. The only reason to use the MB2 software is if you play any lower tuned instrument than a standard guitar, like a bass. The MG2 app is superior to the MB2 in all areas beside the lower range tracking. And there is no difference in the kind of MIDI that these apps convert to, so there is no such thing as designated bass MIDI message. And you can transpose your MIDI down an octave or two so that the guitar trigger the lower bass as it should. No problem!

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MB2 if you’re playing bass, MG2 if you’re playing guitar.

@LoFiLeiF @TechDAWg Hey guys, I just got MG2 and am trying to use it with EZBass. Unfortunately I’m getting crazy amounts of latency. It sounds like I have a delay effect.

I’m using Pro Tools (and therefore I have to use the virtual midi out from the standalone app to get it into my DAW). I have my buffer in the standalone app set to 64 @ 48k and in Pro Tools set to 32. Also have Low Latency Monitoring on in PT.

I haven’t had this kind of latency using other virtual instruments. Any chance you guys have any recommendations on what I might try to fix it?

Or is it just a byproduct of having to use the virtual midi out?

PS: I sure would love an AAX plugin version! :slight_smile:

Hi Logan!
I just tried my Standalone MG2 to EZ Bass (also) in standalone. I have my MG2 set to 256@44.1 and it was as fast as anything I’ve ever tried. No apparent latency at all. Have you tried running them both in standalone together for reference? Myself; I would probably not use anything below 128@44.1 but if that works for you otherwise, I won’t be second-guessing your choice. I don’t have PT, but I have used EZ Bass with Abelton both with MG2 as standalone and as a plugin. Maybe, just maybe, could there appear to be slightly more latency to this setup via a DAW. But we are talking milliseconds, and certainly not as a delay effect.

@LoFiLeiF thanks so much for your quick reply!

Ok so I messed with it for another hour and here’s what I figured out…

I usually start off in Pro Tools with a mix template that involves a fair amount of busses for submixes of each element. Then I bus those submixes to a master bus.

I figured out that if I route an instrument track to a bus vs. just the main output, it introduces a ton of latency when using MG2.

So for tracking/playing purposes I can just route it straight to the main out. Then I can send it to the busses like I normally do for mixing.

It’s a little odd/frustrating though, because I can play my regular midi controller through my bus system and there isn’t any noticeable latency.

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