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Midi Guitar2 to EZbass?

anyone tested Midi Guitar2 to EZbass?

Sure! Works just as well as you would expect. Any questions about it in particular?

Not sure if MidiBass2 would need to be used or if MG2 will work.
I know some users are using both to extend the tracking of extended range guitars. Int his case I’m just using a nylon string and open mic.

Hey. MIDI Guitar is for guitar, and it also track saxophone or clarinet to some extent, or any instrument with a similar pitch range. The only reason to use the MB2 software is if you play any lower tuned instrument than a standard guitar, like a bass. The MG2 app is superior to the MB2 in all areas beside the lower range tracking. And there is no difference in the kind of MIDI that these apps convert to, so there is no such thing as designated bass MIDI message. And you can transpose your MIDI down an octave or two so that the guitar trigger the lower bass as it should. No problem!

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MB2 if you’re playing bass, MG2 if you’re playing guitar.