Midi Guitar2 with Logic Pro X Drummer Tracks

Let me attempt to articulate my issue: I’m in Logic Pro X, I have MidiGuitar2 set up properly and everything works (Guitar Audio Track above Software Instrument Track=Guitar-Controlled Synth). The problem is when I add a Drummer track I can only hear the Instrument Track when “recording”, not at all when “rehearsing” along with the Drummer track. When I use a keyboard controller to play the same SWare Instrument it works fine for rehearsing but still nothing from my guitar-controlled SWare instrument unless I hit the record button. Is it a routing issue? Bus issue? Group issue? It’s driving me up the wall of my padded cell.

UPDATE - In order to solve my issue I employed the time honored method of restarting the Mac and relaunching LPX. Issue solved. It’s just that when you’re in a creative groove and you want to keep the flow going that’s often the last solution that comes to mind - much easier to beat your head against the wall of the padded cell.

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