Midi information not accurate

how can I record an accurate midi part into logic?
when I play in a part using my guitar
what actually gets recorded is a bunch of random notes

test by playing a single note at a time.

if that is working then probably your first step is to adjust your noise gate.

if not then please post a screen shot of the random notes.

Hello @bobbyb, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

Playing a MIDI instrument with a guitar requires a special technique and specific settings to avoid unwanted notes and resonances that will be considered by the software as intended notes, creating spurious MIDI events.

Have you looked in the forum for advice on how to eliminate these defects? There are many interesting discussions on this subject.


On the other hand, there are videos that will help you progress in the techniques needed to acquire the precision necessary to avoid triggering unwanted MIDI events.
The written informations accompanying these videos are also very useful.

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