MIDI Learn in MG2 just tracks certain cc#

Does anyone else out there have had this problem. I have started to use MG2 as an alternate VST hos for MIDI keyboard as a regular midi controller (on top of having it occasionally run with guitars). I use only that one at one time, not doubling with guitars in the right channel. Just as a regular “synth plugin loader” so to speak. All is well with MIDI controller and one can play the keyboard and load a plethora of synths. BUt…

When I chose MIDI Learn and assign and I choose pitch bend it doesn’t “learn” from the pitch bend wheel on the keyboard. It doens’t track it. However, when I move the MODULATION wheel on the keyboard it “tracks” it and “learns” it but I don’t want the modulation wheel to be doing that. I have checked with MIDI monitors of the soundcard, as well as other standalone software (i e PianoTeq 6 which as an exquisite midi monitor so I can see that the MIDI changes are coming in when I move the pitch bend wheel).

I have checked, just to see if it “learns” anything else, and all other controllers on my keyboard registers within MG2, and learns it. Say if I turn on the vol knob, then MG2 assigns that to pitch bend. And a number of other things, I turn or switch on or off. But no way the pitch bend wheel. I have tried with 2 other MIDI keyboards that I borrowed, and its the same there.

It’s nothing on the MIDI keyboard, since the other software (pianoteqs MIDI monitor) just flows with midi signals whenever I move the pitch bend wheel (on any keyboard) and it register it there, and if you want to play acoustic piano sounds with pitch bends, you can do it, and it registers there.

Any advice? Anyone else had this idiosyncrasy ?

MAC OSX 10.11 latest drivers for soundcards and so on. Since it works with Pianoteq and other software, and hosts, it can’t be the soundcard driver, but something else that doesn’t register. The midi keyboard, AND the soundcards sends/receives MIDI signal from pitch bend wheel without problems.

EDIT: No other assigns are made.This one is the first and only one I want for now.

It should learn any MIDI CC command. Pitch wheel will send a pitch bend message and that isn’t a MIDI CC, but most other stuff is and should Learn fine.
I guess we could map pitch bend as well, I’ll put it on the list.