MIDI notes not sending Ableton Live 10 Suite Mac

Suspecting I’m having something of a noob issue here. I had MIDI Guitar working before in Ableton, but suddenly it’s not outputting any MIDI notes. I just want a Default patch that send MIDI notes only. I’m sending my live guitar audio through my interface into an audio channel set to Monitor “Ins” and “Sends Only”. That is sending to a MIDI channel set to receive the Guitar Channel as its “In” where I had set up Instrument Racks that accepted the MIDI.

However, now I can’t seem to get the MG2 patch to send MIDI signals: can anyone help me understand why that is the case?

Additional note: I’ve never been able to get the VST to show up in the MIDI Ports under preferences, but that didn’t stop it from working in the past. Tips on how to do that as well are welcome. (I have re-installed and re-scanned for the plug-in)

That is sending to a MIDI channel set to receive the Guitar Channel

maybe the mac version is different, but on ableton for windows, it isn’t possible to set the destination for midi data from an audio track.

instead, on the midi track, i need to specify the audio track as the input (for midi data). the midi track must also be set to ‘in’ (in/auto/out).

as far as i know, mg2 will always send midi data, regardless of which patch is loaded.

in terms of the midi ports, i have zero mac experience, but i don’t think that any midi vst loaded in ableton would show up on the list of available midi ports.

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WOW thank you…the bit about the MIDI destination was bad wording from me, I was doing that part right…but what I WASN’T doing is making the MIDI track monitor “in” as well which made it work immediately. amazing, thank you for saving this noob.

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