MIDI output to external hardware

Is it possible to get a MIDI output from MIDI Guitar on an iPad to external hardware (assuming the availability of either a USB cable adaptor or a MIDI cable adaptor) e.g. to drive a MIDI-based external sound module? (I tried searching for this in the forums; but the results are cluttered with stuff irrelevant to me concerned with questions to do with the audio output or getting MIDI output to another app on the same iOS device),


if you connect an audiointerface with a midi in/out, these midi in and out are visible for any app on the ios device, also for MG. Dedicated usb midi cables are often not working on ios: the ones on audiointerfaces allways work fine.
You ofcourse need the “midi outputs” IAP in MG for this

Just bought MIDI output IAP with MG on iOS using adapter to Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 interface - getting guitar input to MG but no MIDI out through interface. other apps are passing MIDI out through interface. I have MIDI output selected in MIDI machines
Anything I am missing?
(Trying to drive external hardware synth)

Hi @StrolloSound
What MIDI Output option are you using? Virtual MIDI, Network session? Have you tried switching these?When you have MIDI Output selected in MIDI Machines, click on it, and it should give you a list with a few options.

So after several attempts at selecting MIDI ouput under MIDI machines
It finally showed a second pull down list of optional MIDI outputs
where the Scarlet interface appeared
Now it seems to be working

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Got a related question on this. I’m using MG2 with a standard audio interface and a CME Widi Bud Pro to allow MG2 to send data wirelessly to my synth rig. This works astonishingly well, as good as a direct cable. However I cannot find any way to change the midi output channel from MG2 through the CME Widi Bud Pro, all data is sent on channel 1. Even after viewing videos and scanning the manual, I cannot find a setting to change the output channel. How does one change the midi output channel of MG2 iOS in such a setup? Thanks for all responses.

MG2.5 for iOS does not offer different midichannels. You can only try midi apps that facilitate channel switching of the data. Using programchanges for your external devices might be the easier option.

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