MIDI Pedal functions for patch recall / volume / transpose / sustain

  1. Choose your midi pedal as midi interface “control” in the interface section
  2. If your pedal generates PC (Program Changes)
    The patches need to be named with leading numbers, so that MG can load the right one.
    Like this:
    001 My first patch name
    002 My second patch name
    003 My fthird patch name
    Please note: MG just looks at the alphabetical order, e.g. do not use 2 times 001 etc!
    To be refined
  3. If your pedal generates CC (Continuous Controllers)
    The CC can be used in the midi machines Transpose and Sustain
  4. Volume control
    CC #7 is understood as synth volume by JX10,DX10,Piano and Epiano
  5. JX10 special functions
CC JX10 Function
CC1 (Mod Wheel) Vibrato
CC2, CC74 Increase filter cutoff
CC3 Decrease filter cutoff
CC7 Volume
CC16, CC71 Increase filter resonance
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