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Midi Velocity - Curve Knob

The pop up note says, “A hard curve will make soft picks harder.” This sentence is confusing as I don’t see a curve and I have no idea what a hard curve looks like. Maybe an example will help. If I have a high frequency note that easily fires or operates, which way should I turn the knob so it does not fire so easily? Clockwise or counter clockwise? Thanks. Oh, this is an awesome program.

Hi Paul. When you read about MIDI Velocity, page 6 in the help section (up in the right corner of the app), you’ll find this.

I too was a bit uncertain as to what curve meant, but it would seem it can best be described as MIDI compression, and a hard curve is then “more compressed” And I did some recording in Abelton focusing on the MIDI velocity confirming this. A weak drill on the guitar while turning the Curve knob clockwise makes for a much more compressed spread of velocity (i.e harder soft picks & softer hard picks) Red for uncompressed, and orange for compressed in the picture below.

I understand now thanks to your excellent response, and thanks for making the effort to supply the screen shot. Paul

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No problem! This is exactly what this forum is about. Helping out when we can!
Have a great day!/ Thorleif