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MIDI VIOLIN / true or just empty promises

Is MIDI VIOLIN coming " soon" or not ??? Any Beta ??? I could test it right now. I have 5 string el- violin,
disappointed with ZETA midi Violin system … and still waiting " COMING SOON " to be downloadable any kind of DEMO version…or real version ready for purchase. Guys, please ! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! Thank You in advance.

Sorry for the wait… we’ve had to postpone it several times, and I apologies for the empty promise for now, but I hear you and it will happen.

Good to hear! I am waiting, too! Thank you in advance.
To some extend, it seems to be possible to plug in a violin into Midi Guitar. It works quite well with my violin (5 string).

WOW, i have to try then. I have 5 strings el/ac violin custom made.
If it works…, it’s gonna be great !!! I’ll try it tomorrow morning.

Thanks for advice !

Keep on touch !



Midi Violin will be great for other instruments with a higher range than guitar. As well as violins, mandolins, ukuleles etc, there are also wind instruments. I use MG2 with harmonica; it works well, but it doesn’t allow me to use the top octave. Looking forward to Midi Violin when it comes…

I am very interested in the MIDI VIOLIN software, I am a violin teacher i France, and I am interested in all the technologies that go to the violin. I try to bring into my teaching another vision of the violin.
thank you jacinte


I must say MG2 is the best thing that happened to me. Been always on the lookout for a saxophone, strings and wind tones that I could use with my guitar. I now get to play those with almost all other instruments on BandLab and Garageband (thanks to MG2 Midi output) The saxophone is pretty close to the real thing. Would be happy to post links to a couple of videos I did using the viola, violin, sax Synth etc.
Here is one


Well…I think perhaps more empty promises?

Not sure if you were referring to my posting of videos of MG2 when you mentioned ‘empty promises’ :slight_smile: Posting one just in case :wink:

The topic is about a special version of Jam Origin for a natural violin instrument. It has really nothing to do with guitar, or MIDI guitar.


Meanwhile…another year later…

I use MG2 with East West Orchestra Opus.
MG2 works well with their violins and other virtual instruments. The Apple virtual instruments are ok too.

At least get you to a point where you can lay down midi notes. You can always replace the virtual instrument, and tweak midi articulations later.

There are still latency issues, so you have to tweak buffer size, until latency reaches an acceptable level. Adjusting your DAW monitoring latency helps too, but not always.

Often, I find it easier to play a virtual instrument directly to a click, with only one reference track, no other instruments playing.

That is the good thing about linear recording. You can record your track, and just slide the clip into place.

You’ve postponed it because you’re working on other stuff… silly stuff that really doesn’t ADD VALUE to the software.

SoooOOOOOOo frustrating.

There’s plenty of violinists who would help, but you’d rather try to make the software a DAW or an AUv3 host to manage instruments and fx.

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