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MIDI VIOLIN / true or just empty promises

Is MIDI VIOLIN coming " soon" or not ??? Any Beta ??? I could test it right now. I have 5 string el- violin,
disappointed with ZETA midi Violin system … and still waiting " COMING SOON " to be downloadable any kind of DEMO version…or real version ready for purchase. Guys, please ! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! Thank You in advance.

Sorry for the wait… we’ve had to postpone it several times, and I apologies for the empty promise for now, but I hear you and it will happen.

Good to hear! I am waiting, too! Thank you in advance.
To some extend, it seems to be possible to plug in a violin into Midi Guitar. It works quite well with my violin (5 string).

WOW, i have to try then. I have 5 strings el/ac violin custom made.
If it works…, it’s gonna be great !!! I’ll try it tomorrow morning.

Thanks for advice !

Keep on touch !



Midi Violin will be great for other instruments with a higher range than guitar. As well as violins, mandolins, ukuleles etc, there are also wind instruments. I use MG2 with harmonica; it works well, but it doesn’t allow me to use the top octave. Looking forward to Midi Violin when it comes…