Midi Violin: will it have Volume Dynamics?

I’m using Midi Guitar 2 with a mic and harmonica. It tracks well, but the MIDI output is very much on/off: the note starts at a certain volume and stays there, regardless of my breath force.

Some time ago I asked whether MG2 could be configured to give the same kind of volume dynamics (loud and soft) one gets from playing a wind controller. You can see the difference demonstrated in this video, at 2:00 and 5:50:

Paul replied that, since MG2 is designed for the hard attack and fast decay of guitar picking, it wasn’t optimized for volume dynamics over the duration of a note. However enabling Aftertouch could give this functionality in some outside synths.

I tried it but without good results. If anyone has a better experience of this, let me know how and with what app/s!

I’m pinning my hopes on the impending release of Midi Violin. Like wind instruments, bowed instruments also have notes which rise and fall in volume, quite rapidly in fast passages. This is a big part of how one imparts rhythm to a melody, by emphasizing certain parts of the beat with greater volume.

For Midi Violin to give an authentic playing experience, I’m hoping it will incorporate volume dynamics in the sound.

Paul: can you give an indication of whether this will be the case? Also any idea of when it will be released?

Thanks again for your great work in audio/MIDI conversion.

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Exactly. The volume envelope is one of the most important differences in bowed string/wind tracking vs guitar. That will be part of it, of course.

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Good news! Any rough idea of when we can expect the release of Midi Violin?

I’m really interested in volume dynamics as well and was wondering if MidiMachine could help out in the meantime. Essentially I want midi volume to map to the analog volume signal so I don’t have a rogue midi synth pad playing loudly as the violin note falls off. I’m not up to speed on my lua programming so I’m checking boards to see if this is solvable now.

We will release a new Mac plug-in on Monday, which has volume/channel pressure MPE. But it’s based on the MG2 tracker, so tuned for guitar, but it’s worth a shot.

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