MidiG2 in UAD's Luna

Ok so I got the demo about 6 months ago and didn’t catch much from it…been playing midi guitars for years, from Roland to TriplePLay…but this works pretty much better than all of those for me anyway.

So I bought it today and tried using it in ProTools 2023.12…I could get it to record my Equater2 sounds but could never figure out how to monitor it while playing (Used Bluecat Audio Patch and AU)

Then I tried it in Logic X latest…again could get sounds but never could get a monitor situation where I could hear what I was playing thru the synth.

Finally loaded a new UAD Luna project…loaded the plugin straight up into a track, could hear the synth immediately, recorded and then “exported track” to basically convert it from audio to the synth…easy peasy…immediately dragged the converted file back in and it was spot on sounded great, no CPU issues, no latency.

So far Luna is the easiest way for me to use this and it sounds great!

MacBook Pro M2 on an Apollo Twin…

Just thought I’d share that and hopefully get to beta the MG3…looks very promising!

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