Midiguitar 2 all of the sudden stops working in Cubase 9.5

Hi guys,
I am having this problem last few months and it’s really irritating. Midiguitar just stops working all of the sudden inside my Cubase 9.5. Signal is still coming in MG but nothing comes to whatever instrument track I put. Weird thing is even if I delete all tracks and make new ones same thing. I have to start a new project in order for it to work again. It seems like the whole save file gets bugged or something. I have also noticed it happens often when I do render in place. It really gets on my nerve because once I have a full project and if it stops I can never get it to work inside that project again :frowning: I am an audio engineer, routing is not the problem. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?!

Hello, welcome here :smiley:

Please tell what is your configuration in order to try to respond in the best possible way:

  • Mac or Windows?
  • Which OS?
  • OS Version number?

I’m on Windows 10 , version 1909

So I assume that you are not updating Windows or Cubase and that you have not updated your audio interface or asio drivers recently, which could have been a cause of malfunction (by updating one, the other may malfunction if it is not updated as well, this is valid for programs, drivers and hardware devices).

Have you uninstalled/reinstalled Cubase? This is a quick thing to do and can fix bugs in the core program and especially in the backups as it seems to be the case.
I have already encountered this problem with a program that no longer recognized several plugins and reinstalling solved the problem.

By the way, think that Windows 1909 will be discontinued next month.

Tnx for the quick reply,

I forgot to mention that the same thing happens on my other machine with windows 7 latest version so I doubt that its windows. Cubase is the latest before version 10 so 9.5.5, I would have to buy a new upgrade. My audio devices are all up to date with drivers and same thing happens on different soundcards. Personally I hate when windows constantly updates so I try to find a stable version and stick with it. I have hundreds of plugins in Cubase plus the whole Adobe suite with loads of plugins aswell. Everything works perfectly except jam origin. Maybe its the cubase 9.5 version that has problems with it since that is the only constant between my two machines.
Has anybody heard of this problem before so maybe we can narrow it down better?

Ok, I do not use Cubase so I can not tell more about it.
There are several topics in this forum about Cubase 9, maybe you could find some similar cases by typing Cubase or Cubase 9 in the search field, waiting for someone to answer the question.

Maybe you haven’t licensed it? If it isn’t licensed, it will stop MIDI after a few minutes. If that’s the case you should see a dialog in the plugin editor asking to apply your license fil.

It happens only every 3-4 projects, sometimes soon sometime after one hour. I will try and upgrade Cubase and see if that will help!