MidiGuitar Litter in Logic

I’m new here, greets on the board!

Loving MG2, got my much loved jazzbox (on which I’d never mount a GK3) hooked up to Logic through NI Guitar Rig 6, superb.

I’ve read here that hollow-bodies are not optimal but I’ve also heard that nylon=strung piezo guitars are very accurate through MG2 so I’m about to try that.

Reason for posting is to ask whether anyone has come up with a Delete app aimed specifically at the midi debris created by a guitar synth? I couldn’t write one but I don’t think it would be too complicated for someone with coding skills? The app would just need to delete all notes below say velocity 10 and shorter than 20 ticks, something like that.

The process of removing this junk is so labour intensive, it would be so wonderful to have something that just ‘sweeps up’ after a guitar-to-midi recording ;-))

Anyone got any ideas?

For anyone working in Logic Pro X I’ve designed (with the invaluable help of des99) a Midi Transform preset which does the job beautifully. I’ll post it here if there’s any interest.

disappointment for me… I thought you were on Windows. :grimacing:

Sorry for that, but there must Windows apps that do similar stuff to Midi Transform?

I agree and I will look into it.
This is an excellent idea that will allow to spare time and nerves.
I just had a look at midi transform window in Logic Pro and this is exactly what is needed : MIDI Guitar Cleanup

Here is my setting for anyone using Logic. Obviously these parameters will need adjustment for different playing styles. I can’t express how wonderful it is to have this little utility in place, the inertia of composing with midi guitar has been overcome. Big thankz to des99 who put me in the right ballpark


Very interesting topic here - this is a good idea and something we have also been thinking about. MG in its current version cant do that on its own because its real time and must make decisions about outputting notes as soon as I can, and thus cannot look forward into the future.

However, one of the very interesting paths where we are heading, is a dual tracking approach where one tracker go as fast as it can (for real time playing/monitoring) AND another tracker can have all the time in the world to wait until the end of each note and choose to keep it, adjust it or delete it (for recording) and report the timestamp to the DAW. Best of both worlds.


Dual tracking sounds incredibly good! I really hope this functionality makes it into MG3. One part of me can’t wait and the other says ‘There’s all the time in the world to get it right, just wait a nanosecond or two.’

My little preset for Logic’s Midi Transform is doing a great job here, one that is partly psychological. I know I have a massive subconscious resistance to recording with midi guitar because I anticipate having to clean up the midi afterwards. It is so very boring: expanding the piano-roll laterally to isolate those fragments of on-off data which gather around the front-end of notes, scrolling up and down to catch those freak ghost-notes 5 octaves away from everything else etc etc. The preset isn’t perfect but it get’s rid of 95% of the debris which has to be good.

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Just what I was looking for! I’m having trouble with the double notes, random notes, etc. I’ll try it tonight. So after the performance you run this logic operation every time?

This is ok for me now, I found that my daw has this midi transform function too (Reaper)…
Thank you for this excellent idea :wink:

Exactly, it does the hard work for ya

Glad you found a way in Reaper.

BTW to save the Midi Transform preset in Logic you need to save the whole project as a Template (say for MidiGuitar2) then when you load that template you will always find the preset at the foot of the MT list. Seems there’s no other way to save a preset which is a little bit of a shame but still…