MIdiGuitar not showing as a MIDI instument option PRESONUS

Hi ! i just got the plugin! and i really want to use it with my other synts MIdiGuitar 2 is not showing as a MIDI instument option in my Presonus Studio one pro 5 DAW, am i setting it up wrong? becaus i can use the plugin as a VST FX but cannot record the midi and send it to another Midi insntrument

It is an audio plugin that outputs both audio/MIDI.

There is no MIDI device on my daw that i can select for a midi instrument,
But the audio plugin does work

I don’t use Studio One so maybe I can’t help much. I primarily use Live 11 but here goes.

Once the plugin is instantiated (on an audio channel) the track with the “MIDI Guitar 2” plugin MIDI track becomes selectable as a MIDI source (also must select plugin name) on another MIDI channel with a MIDI receiving plugin instantiated. If you use the AU version it creates an independent virtual MIDI device visible in the MIDI routing settings of the DAW.

Does Studio One work like this at all? I imagine it would be similar. The VST-generated MIDI must be accessible at some port on another MIDI track – probably not in the MIDI settings since you’re not using the Audio Unit version.

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Yes this helped a lot! i figured it out! thank you!

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