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MidiGuitar updates for windows users?

Hi, to everyone
Any update for midiguitar to members using Windows ???
Thanks for the answer

Yes, there will be many more updates to the desktop/plugin version, but i cant say when.

But it’s been a long time since the last update, can it be two years?

Wondering about Win updates as well - there are very annoying issues when using multiple instances of plugin in the session (reported it to the support some time ago and they acknowledged it). Maybe this is not a big deal for most of the users, but in my case, using plugin as a amp-sim as well, it is a real showstopper.

Patiently waiting :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

I second that. I find it totally unfortunate that in two years there has not been a single update.

I third that. Hopefully they have caught up on all the other platforms and can give us windows users some action.

Is there any “wish” list category on this forum to contribute to?

Please always bring on wishes and feature requests. We got a lot of feedback over the years (mostly on emails) from users but feel free to start a thread for any new feature or wish.

The current MIDI Guitar VST/AU plugin version 2.2.1 is very loaded already (much more stuff in there, than in the iOS and Mac Store standalone versions) and its highly extensible as it can load plugins, plugin to DAWs and even have the scripting language inside. The mileage also means its extensively tested and reliable.

The last couple of years have had time to experiment and try to push the limits further in the polyphonic tracking among other heavy things, which isn’t possible to release in small incremental updates. Previously when we did minor updates of the polyphonic tracking, every release would make many happy but we would always make some aspects feel worse for some (usually just a few) users because the feel is just highly subjective and varying with playing styles, and we learned that these kinds of updates needs to come in bigger, bolder updates.

But of course we are constantly trying to improve and we are sort of preparing to get back to a much faster release cycle again. Anyways, requests are always welcome.

Thanks for sharing your comments on updates. I would certainly agree what we have a lot to work with already.

I originally had a need for better preset management in MidiGuitar, but I switched over to Cantabile as a “live” host and it gives me what I need. It allows me to have a lot of plugin control for all my guitar sims and of course midi guitar.

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Thank you for your comments JamO. I think the important thing is to know that the project is not abandoned and that you are still working on it.