MidiMachine: MG in DAW, need process MIDI from drum machine in lua

Hi Paul, excellent support for us here!
Please could you help how to process just specific - drum machine - MIDI events in lua? Want to combine guitar MIDI and drum MIDI in my scripts, when used MG in DAW. What MIDI exactly MG listens in DAW? Thanks a lot, Stanislav

per default, midi that is travelling through your daw is not send to audio fx plugins: this means that drum machine midi will not reach the midi machine scripts in MG.
If you want to use midi of external sources in MG, you need to set up midi routing: this is perfectly possible, but more complicated (especially in Logic)
But first you need to make yourself clear: what do you want to do exactly?

Thanks Paul. DAW is Cubase, drummer is Vst Plugin with MIDI out. There are two options, separate vst plug-in receiving MIDI from MG and from drum machine , this is Perfectly routable OR route MIDI from drum machine to MG midimachine. What is needed to generate new midi events calculated from both sources midi events. Eg send notes related to guitar performance in sync with drum kick.

a drum kick has a certain midi note and a certain channel.
most simple is to retrigger all sounding notes (these can be also hold ones) on this event.
I’ll make a simple triggerscript for you, if this is what you seek.
You have to be careful with the setup in Cubase, to avoid midiloops. Study this page here, how to get midi into an audiofx: https://www.overloud.com/node/166

Thanks Paul a lot, very helpful hints! Highly appreciated, this is exactly I am looking for. I think sample midi machine would help even more also to others as well. Very kind from you !


Hi Stanislav,
here is the script, it takes 1 midinote from 1 channel to retrigger all currently sounding internal notes. The trigger channel is muted. I did explicitly not mute all external channels, so you have to take care of midiloops yourself. First lets see whether this works for you.


Hi Paul,

sorry for delayed answer, highly appreciated , thank you a lot for your help!

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