Misc. Questions after trying the trial!


I’m currently looking around for a Guitar Midi alternative and have been playing with Midi Guitar all day today. I’m very interested by MG but have some questions/comments. More insight is welcomed :slight_smile:

DAW: Reaper
Signal chain: Guitar > Line 6 HD Pro (blank patch) > Audio interface (audiobox) > Reaper

  1. Is there any way to adjust the input sentivity? MG seems to be picking up any noise and is sometimes popping up random notes when playing chords. I tried to add a bit more noise gate in MG but it didn’t fix it completely and now isn’t picking up low attack notes. I also feel like consecutive notes aren’t always connecting well, often popping notes. I noticed that being more mindful of string noise helps but it’s still very hot. The slightest noise when removing my finger from the string often triggers a note.

  2. My guitar is tuned in Drop C, with the 6th string being a .58, and MG isn’t picking up the lowest C on the opened 6th string. MG starts to pick it up around the 5th fret. Is there any way to adjust that?

Other than that, I’ve had a blast so far and am really happy with the overall product. Being able to play with my plugins using my guitar is amazing! If the two things mentioned above are “fixable”, I’m definitely buying this haha!

  1. you can install a harder midi noise gate as a “midi machine”, this will however not work in demo mode I guess… (We’ve got a 14 day money back guarantee, btw…)
    Limiting your voicings to 3-4 strings at a time is however the most effective way to improve tracking quality, it also sounds better with most synths, since synths are mostly not made to be strummed.
  2. Drop D is the lowest the current MG supports in polyphonic mode. Monomode is allways with drop C as lowest note.