Mix Blend in V3

I’m very new to MIDI Guitar. It’s great overall. But just wondering where the mix blend option is? I would like to hear the audio signal blended in with the synth. MIDI Guitar 2 has that feature but I don’t see it in V.3.

There is no dedicated mix blend anymore! Since you now have three Chains, and you can use them however you like (either as a Audio channel, with just audio FX on it or as a MIDI instrument channel) the idea is that you can use one channel for audio and another for a synth and use the Mixer to set the relation between those.

I seem to only be able to edit the one chain. How do I add additional chains? How do I also add the mixer?

Right now it’s possible to crossfade two channels in the mixer by connecting a small cable between them!

EDIT: you have to make a “new patch” for now.

OK, but how do I make a new chain?

New Patch, not new chain.

Is that the “introduction” patch that you have resaved? It is not meant to be used as a starting point for patch construction, really. It is just an introduction to the Chain structure, and a patch to go if you want double check that your guitar sound is still turning into MIDI (using the Test Synth)

This was my question as well, and I had a real case of whiplash from the first to the second sentences, because I am definitely keen to do this very thing too.

“There is no dedicated mix blend anymore!”

Crushing defeat. “Noooo!”

[Shortly into the second sentence: the realization that this is actually a better architecture than before…]

Jubilation. “w00t!”

Duly noted, and I cannot wait to get back home to my instruments to be able to actually put real hands on this!

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