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Mixcraft and Midi Guitar Patch

I’m succesfully using Midi Guitar with Mixcraft, purely from a guitar to midi perspective. That’s to say the instrument played in Mixcraft is a Mixcraft instrument, not a Midi Guitar patch.

Is it possible to record Mixcraft instruments into Mixcraft. If not, is it possible with other DAW software. I also tried, and failed, to do this with Reaper.

that is very DAW specific:
you want to record the audio output of an instrument channel?
I know how to do in Logic, Reaper, Cubase… but I dont see the point very much other than “freezing”, making instruments into flat audio channels.

No. MIDI guitar has in-built VSTi’s. I want to send the VSTi from MIDI Guitar to DAW instead of MIDI data. At the moment I can only get the MIDI Guitar midi-data signal to DAW with the DAW translating this to an inbuilt VSTi. But MIDI Guitar has some good instruments within it that I would like to use.

In Reaper: create an extra audiotrack. got to I/O there. add a “receive”, recieving audio from your MG track.
Now you can record the received MG output signal on this track.

I’ll try that. Thanks.

I found a work around to get Midi Guitar audio to Mixcraft. Note, this sends audio not midi. It’s a hack. Set sound output to headphone, Aux cable from PC head phone to mic socket, in Mixcraft set input to Mic. Now the VSti instrument I play in Midi Guitar is received as Audio in Mixcraft.

You can also just let it record it as a midi track and then convert it to an audio track within mixcraft itself that way it will reduce the extra latency using the aux out .so after you have recorded the Musical piece right click on the left side of the track channel just beside the piano midi sign and scroll down to mix to new audio track hope that is of help