More effects like Deep effects Deep expressor

Hi, I have been very impressed with deep expresser which I use to remove a little bit of attack on my lead guitar sound which is made of cascaded gain levels. I was wondering if there were more effects and examples to come….I would be very interested! Thank you

PS: I think this is feature is amazing for Tone Shaping and would sell if advertised accordingly.


Yes, we are working on it.
Deep Expressor might indeed have been plugin by itself and you may be right that there is a missed opportunity for selling more deep effects right there :slight_smile:
I think its natural for us to try to validate deep effects by including them in MIDI Guitar and then perhaps spin off some other business later.

A very effective improvement (and I guess, easy to program) would be a blend/mix level between clean audio input and Deep effects!

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Of course, in standalone mode, a dry/wet knob would be a plus…

That was my idea too; this is why, as I did not want to wait, I use MG plugin in parallel mode in Gig Performer host:
Audio -> MG deep expressor -> Mixer + Audio-> mixer