Most Reliable DAW for GM2?

Hi JamO,

I finished loading GM into Logic today. I am running an imac with two additional monitors, so I assume that is what may be causing some latency issues. Otherwise, I love being able to play my East West Orchestra on guitar! It is also great to be able to record the midi data onto the instrument track, and have the effected audio WAV file too.

I am sure the latency issues are on my end, but I thought I might ask anyways:

I have noticed on the demo videos, the guitarists are playing at blazing speed without any latency or tracking issues.

Is there a particular DAW that gives better tracking over another?

And do you recommend any specific settings for Mac that might help optimize MG2?

Does it make sense to get a VST/AU wrapper like Blue Cat’s Patchwork to host MG in Pro Tools?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!