Multi channel MIDI support (1 per string) for MIDI Guitar 2?

Hey there,

I came across this great looking software after struggling for a few years with hardware midi guitar solutions.

My question to you guys is:

Is there a way to map each guitar string to a different midi channel output?

I am not sure how this would work!

Thanks a lot.

Le Noob

I was thinking along those lines that what I’d like to see a 13 pin interface to lightning interface carrying 6 string audio channels (from a hex pickup) running into an iOS version of MG2 that can process the six strings individually. Then you’d really track midi chords great and could assign individual strings to any instrument. Right now the best I can do is set up a zone in SampleTank. Assign notes below B2 to be played by Bass and notes above by guitar and strings etc…,

I would be interested in hearing a coherent piece of music played on a guitar with one different instrument per string !

Even if it were the case, I believe that this would be very limited in terms of creativity, due to physical limitations (finges gaps), musical limitations (no chords/one sound per string) and so on.

I see this more as a gimmick than a way of playing.

Anyway, MG2 is not designed for this. It is best to use dedicated hardware for this kind of purpose.

On the other hand, MG2 provides midi machine tools to split the fretboard and to play easily and musically different instruments.

I don’t think it’s limited in creativity at all!

Just think of multi kontakt instruments for one.

In any case, it sounds like it’s not something this software can do, I was just curious because I don’t know what’s actually going on with the inner workings.

Le Noob


I am sorry whether I am not making myself clear , my english is not really good.

You are right when saying it is not limited in creativity: I just wanted to say that we are limited by physical possibilities that prevent from achieving a lot of good ideas.

I have been playing the guitar for about fifty years; I started with Shadow GTM-6 around 1986, that was a slap in my face even if it was rudimentary :grimacing:, then I continued with more and more effective systems .

Of course, I tried for several years playing different sounds on separate strings, but it did not result in a lot of remarkable creations, while I was pleased to compose and play a lot of pieces on multitimbral keyboards because of the keys structural organisation. Maybe I am wrong.

Now I am not sure to be made for multitimbral guitar playing :smile:

Ha, no problem man. I think we are getting closer to something that piano/keys players have enjoyed for many years.

How about channel per note, that would be the way to play MPE Instruments Like Pigments, Equator etc. and use double stops with bend for one string…?

Yes, MG3 will do that :slight_smile:

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I registered on this forum just to leave my comment here and reinforce the importance of this subject, as I think it is one of the main necessary evolutions for this application.

I’ve had the MG2 for a few years now and I really miss the ability to split sounds by each strings.

I have the fishman triple play (guitar midi pickup), and I can say that it has this functionality and it works wonders.

Having different instruments on each of the strings gives us the possibility to create a unique musical composition.

I hope and suggest to the development team to implemented on the future MG3 the division of strings by midi channels, would be very welcome! :slight_smile: