Multiple instances on separate channels

Hi all,

This is probably an easy fix…

I am having trouble running multiple instances of of Midi Guitar 2 on separate channels as plugins in Ableton Live. For my current project, I am only interested in using the regular guitar effects (no MIDI). I have recorded one guitar track and have Midi Guitar as a plug in on that channel. Now I am trying to record a second guitar track also with Midi Guitar as a plugin on a separate channel. The second channel say “Midi Guitar #2” next to “Instance” in the Host information section. Unfortunately, when I try to tweak settings or change patches on the second instance, it also changes the settings/patch on my first instance for the first guitar track.

Again, I am guessing there’s an easy fix and I’m just an idiot. Any help is greatly appreciated!



it is a known problem. for which there is no easy fix yet.
On macos you can run a VST and AU side by side.